Yard Vacs

Billy Goat debris vacuums in action

Billy Goat's all-inclusive line of leaf, litter and debris vacuums for residential and commercial properties offer clean-up solutions for wide ranging applications. From parking lots, city streets, sidewalks and parks or municipal to school campuses and industrial applications, Billy Goat has been setting the standard for property clean-up for more than 45 years.

KV Vacuums

The ultimate vacuum for cleaning up residential areas. The KV Vacuum series is ideal for patio, lawn, driveway, walkway, flowerbeds, decks, pools, and fence lines. The KV will suck-up and bag all your yard debris. An optional hose kit allows for easier cleanup between shrubs, under decks, or in other tight areas.

MV Vacuums

The MV Vacuum series takes cleanup a step up. Designed for hard surfaces and turf, the MV is designed for larger properties, commercial lots, city streets, parks and municipal cleanup. The gobbler door makes switching between hard and turf surfaces a breeze.

QV Vacuums

Industrial level cleanup ability. The quietest vacuum in its class and powerful enough for large-scale cleanup. Ideal for use on school campuses, hospitals, hotels, parks, airport pedestrian areas, resorts, and other large hard areas.

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