Billy Goat F6 Series Walk-Behind Blower (F602X)


Billy Goat's F602 Series Force blowers feature the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. Forget the fatigue factor associated with heavy metal machines, these models are a remarkable 30% lighter than comparable steel units making them a breeze to roll around

Rounded composite housings coupled with 16-blade advanced fan technology completely eliminate traditional bends in metal housings. This eliminates air voids, reduces noise, lowers weight, and pushes the design envelope for blowing efficiency. There is also no rusting or denting and there is less stress on the engine shaft for longer life.

The result is a dramatic jump in productivity, ergonomics and reliability. When combined with industry leading wheels, ergonomic handle design and the patented Aim-n-Shoot airflow technology, the F6 Ser. is the ultimate property cleanup tool.


  • Operator Ergonomics: Lightest weight and ergonomic handles for best in class comfort and productivity.
  • Patented Aim N Shoot: Directs the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.
  • Folding Handle: Handle folds for compact storage.
  • 8-Point Fan to Hub Connector: Improved fan to hub connection has 8-point attachment versus 4 for increased durability and fan life.
  • Advanced Fan Technology: Features a single shot 16-blade closed face fan; twice as many blades as others on the market.
  • Smooth Rounded Housing: Eliminates air voids for a smooth, quiet, powerful flow. Proven design won't rust or dent.


  • Velocity (mph): 200
  • Fan (in): 16-blade Single Shot Composite
  • Discharge (in): 3.5
  • Engine Brand: Briggs and Stratton
  • Displacement (cc): 208
  • Weight (lbs): 83
  • Front Wheel Size (in): 8 x 3
  • Front Wheel Style: Semi-Pneumatic
  • Rear Wheel Size (in): 10 x 3
  • Rear Wheel Style: Pneumatic
  • Length (in): 43.5
  • Width (in): 22
  • Height (in): 26 (housing), 45 (handle)
  • Model: F602X
  • Manufactured by: Billy Goat

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