A cut off saw and rammer

Interstate Supplies and Services carries select construction equipment that is most useful for landscapers. We carry Jumping Jacks, Irrigation Rammers, Tampers, Floor Saws, Plate Compactors, and Cut-Off Saws (Power Cutters). In addition to these categories, we sometimes get stock of other equipment. If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment, get in touch with us! You can text or call us at 704-293-2878 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have or look up equipment.

Plate Compactors

Plate compactors are a great tool for compacting granular soils e.g. gravel, sand, stone, and 2A aggregates (sandy gravel). In addition, they are good for leveling cobblestones and paving blocks. Plate compactors work by exerting force on the ground by vibrating a small or large plate. The force will compact the soil while the vibration helps move grains closer together, eliminating air pockets.

Jumping Jacks, Tampers & Rammers

Jumping Jack Compactors (also called Jumping Jack Tamper or Rammer) applies impacts to the ground in fast succession to level an uneven surface. The compaction process will remove air as well as water from soil. Whereas most compactors use vibration to compact soil, Jumping Jacks use actual impact force to compact soil. This results in deeper compaction depths. In addition, their plates are generally smaller, making them ideal for hard-to-reach places such as trenches and ditches.

Cut Off Saws

Cut Off Saws (chop saws, abrasive saws, power cutters) are circular saws designed to cut hard materials. The most common uses are metals, tile and concrete. They usually use an abrasive disc, similar to a thin grinding wheel, to make cuts. Landscaping professionals find Cut Off Saws to be useful for cutting pipe, concrete (such as blocks, bricks, and pavers), and other hard material.

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