Echo Fleet Terms & Conditions

Qualifying purchase must be from a single dealer on a singular (1) invoice.
Fleet customers CANNOT aggregate purchases to move between Tier levels.

Eligible Products:
  • Most ECHO units qualify to reach the purchase minimum.
  • Exclusions: GT-225, GT-225SF, GT-225i, GT-225L, SRM-225, SRM-225i, SRM-225U, PAS-225, PAS-225VP, PAS-225VP, PE-225, PB-2520, CS-310, MS-1H, MS-21H, MS-31H, RB-60, PWE-1800.
  • Sprayers, spreaders, pressure washers, generators/inverters, wheeled trimmers, shredder/chippers, and fire pumps qualify AFTER purchase minimum is reached.
  • All PAS attachments qualify to reach the purchase minimum.
  • All ECHO manufactured accessories sold in case quantities qualify AFTER purchase minimum is reached.
  • ECHO service parts DO NOT qualify.
  • Once a Fleet customer achieves Tier status, additional eligible ECHO products and accessories may be purchased with the earned tier discount, regardless of order size during the qualified program period; however, ECHO manufactured accessories need to be sold in case quantities to qualify – includes Hand Tools.

    Any new qualifying purchase will re-set the eligibility period for a term from the date of the new qualifying purchase. After each qualifying purchase, the Fleet customer will receive a letter from ECHO that includes his/her company name, Fleet number, tier level and expiration time frame, “Powered by ECHO” truck magnet, special discount code allowing Fleet Customer to purchase ECHO personalize apparel.

    No other discounts apply at time of sale.

    *Signature Elite Dealers are eligible for an additional 2% reimbursement.*

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